How to, tips and tricks!

Welcome to how to, tips and tricks!

Over time there will be a lot of information here that you will find relevant.  Dieting, weight loss, reshaping your body, how make wealth and hold onto it, card tricks, magic tricks, Beauty tips, lottery strategies – the list is virtually endless!

To start off with here are some how to’s, tips and tricks in the following catagories:

How to lose weight fast

We all have it.  We all hate it.  Belly Fat! go here to see how you can get rid of it, efficiently, healthily and of course, quickly. See how you can burn belly fat fast….

Download High Quality Movies – legally!

We can’t live without them.  But going to the theatre to watch a movie has become an expensiv habit.  All the P2P sites offer pirated low quality movies.  Here is the answer to downloading movies – high quality and basically for free!

Free Registry Cleaner – Optimise your PC performance!

Registry is a small word that can create big problems! It is accessed by your machine constantly and is really the lifeblood of your pc and/or laptop. Fiddling with the registry however, when you are not qualified could cause total pc melt down. A bit like being a mechanic and you go in and perform heart surgery….not good!  Luckily for normal people like me, there is a safe, simple point and click solution.